Summary in English

Sandra Catsburg Furniture

Design and production of artistic furniture.

Cupboards, cabinets, chests of drawers and sideboards in various shapes, colours and sizes, as well as comfortable chairs and sofas and robust or slender tables. All this and more you can find at Sandra Catsburg Furniture. With relatively simple techniques, materials and tools I seek to make attractive handmade furniture both practical and unique.

The basis is of course wood. Wherever possible I make use of reclaimed timber or sometimes recycled parts of used furniture in my designs. Often I attach shapes of wood or moulding to the surface of the furniture or use painted patterns. Also I like to work with semi-transparent layers of paint in different shades and colours, giving greater depth and definition to the furniture. When working on an assignment the design is created in close agreement with the client. In this way you are able to bring forward specific wishes and preferences and see how your contribution added to my experience result in something new and unexpected.

Besides designing in assignment I also make furniture without assignment. This gives me the opportunity to try out new shapes, colours and techniques and to work without a pre-set plan. This is a more associative process by which I go back to my roots in visual arts.

Would you like to have a piece of furniture designed or take a look at the furniture in person?

Please make an appointment for an informal and orientating visit to the studio. Detailed documentation is at your disposal, you can view the furniture in stock and discuss the various possibilities of having furniture designed especially for you. Or visit the website that offers information about having a piece of furniture designed and manufactured in assignment, the current stock and many photos of furniture either made in assignment or not. At this moment the information on the website is only available in Dutch.

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Here you can sign in for my newsletter (at the moment only in Dutch), which will be sent to you a few times per year, containing news about open door days and exhibitions as well as a periodical review of the latest designs.